Stare down the odds and seize the day

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Don't you know that we's a family?
Would I let you down? No way.

“you’re a jeAN VALJERK” — javert at some point, probabaly (via lawyer-oliver)


every book, five times a book

Title: carrying the banner (funeral march)
Artist: newsies cast
Played: 766 times


i couldn’t help myself i’m quite sorry


i would really like to hug fra fee


that was cool toward the end of les mis how javert jumped into the seine and swam away. where did he go? i hope hes living a nice quiet life in a sweet cottage somewhere. hopefully he didnt have to swim for too long

  • Enjolras: For certain as the eagle flies, we are not alone--
  • Bossuet: ayyyyy
  • Joly: lmao

my favourite little musical theater things- ryan steele’s pirouette at the end of seize the day 


oh my god


here’s the headline / newsies on a mission / kill the competition / sell the next edition / we’ll be out there / carrying the banner / see us out there / carrying the banner / always out there / carrying the banner

» carrying the banner | a mix of opening numbers from musicals [listen]

01. hello! - the book of mormon | 02. carrying the banner - newsies | 03. overture / and all that jazz - chicago | 04. picture show - bonnie & clyde | 05. the avenue q theme - avenue q | 06. 9 to 5 - 9 to 5 | 07. epiphany - bare | 08. live in living color - catch me if you can | 09. good morning baltimore - hairspray | 10. in - carrie | 11. american idiot - american idiot | 12. price and son theme / the most beautiful thing in the world - kinky boots | 13. how to succeed - how to succeed in business without really trying | 14. omigod you guys - legally blonde | 15. leave - once | 16. rent - rent | 17. the heat is on in saigon - miss saigon | 18. prepare ye - godspell | 19. prologue: work song - les misérables | 20. still hurting - the last five years | 21. just another day - next to normal | 22. jet song - west side story | 23. no one mourns the wicked - wicked | 24. magic to do - pippin | 25. some kinda time - dogfight

Anonymous: "i'm sorry you can't go watch les mis, i know what it feels like (tho i have never been that close). i would go walk your dog with you s you could go to watch les mis, but sadly i can't help :( maybe you could convince your parents or something?"

aw you’re so sweet :)
and I guess I’ll just have to walk my dog a whole bunch? I’ll find a way to watch it somehow.
and all you lovely people will be the first to hear about it

07-23 / 8:55


She was the first to fall

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.


take these children, my lord, to thy embrace…